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Seawater Replaces Freshwater to Produce Bioethanol

The world population has been continuously showing no promise of slowing down. The need for energy to allow for the retention of the population is high as well now. The carbon-di-oxide emissions are estimated to rise to 43 billion metric tons in 20 years from now. The amount of fossil fuels that have been used […]

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The Most Successful Crowdfunded Project to Help Save Water

Innovators don’t need to find swayed investors for their ground-breaking products thanks to crowd funding, which has revolutionised invention-to-market products. One of the top products in crowd funded websites that gain popularity are ones that save the planet. With countries around the world seeing red alerts when it comes to their water resources, there are […]

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5 Innovative Strategies That Will Reduce the Use of Plastic

You have heard it all, the news and social media are flooded with information about the fears of plastic on the environment. Sadly, the stories and theories are all true. The world is set up for a disastrous future if plastic is not stopped at once. Plastic was technology’s birthchild to cope with the headaches […]

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Nanotechnology and Its Role in Promoting Sustainability

Nanotechnology resides in the heart of fundamental research and commercial development, today. Atomic matter is manipulated and controlled using nanotechnology to create interesting and sometimes sustainable innovations. While companies are continuing to unearth the full extent of this technology, some have managed to use it to benefit a sustainable environment. Nanotechnology in Agriculture The UN […]

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