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What is The Paris Climate Agreement – Part 2

Since Trump made the announcement that he will take the U.S. out of the Agreement, U.S. envoys have continued their involvement- in line with their mandate- with U.N. climate negotiations to solidify details relating to the agreement. Further, thousands of nationwide leaders have stepped forward to assume the mantle, representing most Americans, who are in […]

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What is The Paris Climate Agreement – Part 1

The Paris Climate Agreement is an environmental accord that almost every country in the world signed up to in 2015 as a way of addressing climate change. The aim of the deal is to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the world in a bid to slow down the temperate increase to two degrees Celsius […]

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The Gaza Pyramids

It seems that if the Giza Pyramids were designed to last forever that there’s a very good chance of that objective being met. The signs are pointing in that direction, a least. The tombs, which are from the Old Kingdom era of Egypt, are 4,500 years old. Egyptian pharaohs will become gods in the afterlife, […]

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