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The Venice Flooding and Climate Change

A high tide overwhelmed 85 per cent of Venice recently, drowning parts of the Italian city in six feet of water. Boats were pushed ashore, sweeping through buildings, knocking over groceries in stores, and library books from shelves. A council meeting was cancelled, and schools were closed. Both tourists and residents were forced to make […]

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What You Need to Know About the Amazon Wildfires Part 2

The Amazon houses a diverse ecosystem Climate change and deforestation are legitimate threats to the literally millions of species of animals and plants that reside in the Amazon and could result in a 58% decline in the richness of tree speeches here by 2050. This comes from the Nature Climate Change in a story that […]

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What You Need to Know About the Amazon Wildfires Part 1

The Wildfires making their way through the Amazon rainforest is a huge threat to our planet, not just to the borders of Brazil. Environmental experts claim that the damage to the rainforest could mean that fighting climate change could now be even harder. That’s down to the fact that the rainforest, which is responsible for […]

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What is The Paris Climate Agreement – Part 2

Since Trump made the announcement that he will take the U.S. out of the Agreement, U.S. envoys have continued their involvement- in line with their mandate- with U.N. climate negotiations to solidify details relating to the agreement. Further, thousands of nationwide leaders have stepped forward to assume the mantle, representing most Americans, who are in […]

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What is The Paris Climate Agreement – Part 1

The Paris Climate Agreement is an environmental accord that almost every country in the world signed up to in 2015 as a way of addressing climate change. The aim of the deal is to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the world in a bid to slow down the temperate increase to two degrees Celsius […]

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The Gaza Pyramids

It seems that if the Giza Pyramids were designed to last forever that there’s a very good chance of that objective being met. The signs are pointing in that direction, a least. The tombs, which are from the Old Kingdom era of Egypt, are 4,500 years old. Egyptian pharaohs will become gods in the afterlife, […]

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