You have heard it all, the news and social media are flooded with information about the fears of plastic on the environment. Sadly, the stories and theories are all true. The world is set up for a disastrous future if plastic is not stopped at once. Plastic was technology’s birthchild to cope with the headaches that come with reuse like cleaning and hiring additional manpower. However, the price we pay today and tomorrow for laziness is high.

  1. Some countries have authorised the use of plastic bags in the asphalt mixture used to lay roads and highways. A 250-meter section of a road can use up to 176,000 plastic bags in the asphalt mix used. This product does not promise longevity as it is significantly new. However, it is a perfect solution for roads that need frequent relaying or replacement.
  2. Edible cutlery has finally hit the shelves of super markets. The news and social media videos promoting the use of edible cutlery is now a reality for people who prefer to use and throw. The initiative has been tried and tested for several years and is a sure shot solution for throw away cutlery.
  3. Flexible packaging is a huge demand. Packaging is also the number one area where plastic is being exploited. Innovation has paved the way for using crab shells and trees to make flexible plastic, for both industries as well as domestic usage.
  4. A group of students have come up with an innovative idea to use plastic bags from chips to make insulation for buildings. The concept was well received, and the students were applauded for their idea of shredding plastic bags and using them in a Science experiment to show, how chip bags are cheaper and more effective that conventional material. This idea, when nurtured, will see the end to plastic bags that cannot be avoided.
  5. Biodegradable plastic bags are the new thing in the market these days. From bin liners to cling wrap, there are degradable plastic-like materials which are made using plant starch and wood. The material looks like plastic and yet when disposed can go back into the ground to be composted or used as fertilizer.

The Future Looks Great

While, the world is decades away from completely doing away with plastic, the initiatives that many companies take with plastic-free campaigns can help efforts. Leading liquor brand Bacardi is the first in the alcoholic beverage industry to promote the “Say No to Straws” initiative. Other companies such as Star Bucks, Aldi’s, Tesla, etc have their own brand campaigns to show their support in banning plastic in their manufacturing and marketing processes. No-Plastic-July, which started off as a small initiative to encourage people to stop using plastic for one month of the year; has now become a thing. People who are being forced by brands to refuse plastic are taking up the fight against plastic with pride.