The awareness of recycling batteries has become a popular effort amongst many multinationals around the world. The simple proper disposal of batteries ensures that the poisoning and pollution of land is eliminated. Battery companies like Duracell, Energizer and Panasonic have founded the effort to help corporates introduce the corporate program to responsibility recycle batteries. Leading by example is one of the top requirements of a leader. These battery companies live up to the challenge and benefit from it as well. You can find the closest program to you on websites such as

A Battery Recycling Program

Many corporates worry about introducing a proper battery recycling program in the company or they cannot be bothered to do fearing monetary implications. For any Battery Recycling Program to be successful, the first step is to play a part in it put in effort. Steel manufacturers will be happy to note that the recycling of batteries will help in the consumption of steel. However, if the battery recycle program is not implemented properly, it can cost more than using new steel. A proper framework to increase the impact of the recycling on the environment is what a steady program will offer.

Therefore, it is vital that you partner with a program developer who is a leader in recycling efforts. Take note that all batteries can be recycled if they are used in your company. The simplest coin and button batteries have potential of doing as much harm as a heavy battery using company. Many companies that do not use batteries in their production or service processes can implement a simple program of simply collecting the batteries and disposing them off correctly.

The Aldi Effort

The first and only supermarket in the world that has a battery return policy in place is Aldi. Households and businesses that don’t primarily use batteries on a large scale, benefit from such a program. The budget chain of supermarkets accepts AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries as part of their program. The program is not rocket science to implement and involves simply dropping off the batteries at any Aldi Store.

In countries such as Australia, battery recycling is not a mandate like it is in Europe. This is where battery recycling programs from this supermarket is really appreciated. By providing this additional support to both households and businesses, they not only do their bit for the environment but also for their customers.

The program allows for dedicated recycle bins to be made available at the front of every single store for customers to use. The batteries don’t have to be purchased only at an Aldi store to be recycled at Aldi’s. The company also encourage their customers to choose rechargeable batteries that can be used multiple times. Their performance and life is a lot more long lasting as well. Value for money is a hundred-fold too.

Every year, over 300 million batteries land up in the landfill. This is a serious cause of concern and companies that have taken steps to implement a program are applauded, if not encouraged with better tax breaks too.