The Germans have done it again. Their innovation in this awesome solar powered car is not just awesome to look at but also a treat to the environment. If there is one thing the planet earth has in plenty, its sunlight. Therefore, with the endless list of solar powered home and commercial appliances, we can now add swanky cars.

Striking Out the Short-Comings

Sono Motors, the company behind this fabulous invention has managed to integrate solar panels into the body of their cars. The Sion EV has 330 mini solar panels in different visible parts of the car. The sensitivity of solar panels when it comes to wear, and tear has been addressed with a polycarbonate coating. The beauty of the car is that it is not weather dependant. This is a big reprieve for countries in Europe that see a lot more bloom than sun. The challenge of weather has always been a tactical issue with solar powered products, going big.

When it comes to electric cars and any solar powered cars attempted so far, the biggest issue has always been the range they have been able to cover in a single charge. With this car, and its 250Kw electric motor, passengers can now travel up to 250 km ranges. The top speed of the car is at 140 km/hr making it fit for highways and for urban use. Worried about getting enough sun to power the car is not an issue either; as the fantastic 400-volt drive trains helps. Better news for those who want to add a trailer is that, a hitch comes as an option for this car.

Inside the Sion EV

In terms of internal fancy features, the Sion EV has little inside features like heated seats, entertainment and air conditioning looked after. However, catch this; the car has a special kind of moss installed into its air filtration system to provide green and clean air for its occupants. This is a first for cars and an ace one too because it doesn’t require any watering or looking after, as the car does all the green-thumbing for you.

More Power

The features and usability of this car doesn’t end with being a vehicle. The Sion EV not only powers itself but also can power another car if required; making it a mobile power station. A household plug can be used to power any appliance of up to 2.7kW or 7.7kW with a more powerful cable. This makes it incredibly versatile for powering up devices on the go as well as when you are out camping.

There are many manufacturers who have been introducing green cars over the last few years. However, in terms of actual sustainability and look, this car takes the cake. The car is expected to hit the roads in Europe next year at a €25,000 which makes it both affordable as well as usable. The maintenance of this car is also covered sustainably. The company has set up low cost maintenance workshops where you can take your car to for a complete look through. The online workshop manual for the car makes it easy for anyone to service the car both privately or through the company.