Innovators don’t need to find swayed investors for their ground-breaking products thanks to crowd funding, which has revolutionised invention-to-market products. One of the top products in crowd funded websites that gain popularity are ones that save the planet. With countries around the world seeing red alerts when it comes to their water resources, there are a few products that are popular. Inventors have managed to come up with sustainable products, for water consumption amongst the popular lot.

Clean Electricity

An Israeli crowd funding platform launched the fantastic LucidPipe. This product developed by Lucid Energy claims to produce clean energy from waste water. The concept is very simple and easy to install as well. The process involves installing hydro turbines into existing waste water pipes to generate energy. The electricity that is produced from these turbines can rake up a whopping 50 Kilo Watts.

The LucidPipe was used to generate power in 150 homes in Portland, America. The efforts have been very successful and a few more cities and countries are looking to adopt the same. The only constraint with this product is the setting up costs. With an estimated cost of $2 million to install the turbines to power 150 homes, the consideration is huge. However, the promise of improvement to reduce installation costs in just around the corner, and of course, saving the planet’s water resources.

Safe and Drinkable Water Anywhere

This is a brilliant technology that has been approved by NASA for water filtration. The concept involves a bottle and a filtration system attached inside of it. This might not sound like a big deal if you live amongst the urban population. However, a product that can filter out heavy metals and bacteria from 200 litres of water, is a huge reprieve for countries that struggle with water scarcity.

The bottle itself is designed like a bottle you would take with you to the gym. Fill the bottle up with even sewer water, screw the cap on and pour the water out. You would be really surprised to test the clarity and health quotient of the water. The technology is built by CrowdCube and is called Water-to-Go.  It is both affordable and is one of the most successful crowdfunded product that has gained a lot of popularity on social media. Since this product’s success, there have been numerous companies that have come up with the same concept and in simpler and fancier designs.

Digital Water Heater

Energy saving in heating water is a struggle to install. Most of the solutions to heat water or homes is very expensive and difficult to install. People mostly stay away from products that claim to heat water at lower costs because of the cost or even the inability for the product to deliver. The Heatworks Model 1 is the first ever digital water heater that does not need a tank to heat water. The concept is designed to heat water instantly and efficiently right in the main water line. The energy savings are a whopping 40% with this product as well. The best part of the product is that it costs $400, which is an unbelievable price for a huge saving.